nedeľa 5. mája 2013

The Renegade Diet review

When my friend first told me about the Renegade Diet I went home and Googled “Renegade of Funk Diet” for some reason. I couldn’t find the diet so I had to ask him for the name again 
Anyways I’m really blown away with this eBook and the results it has given me. (My girlfriend is also blown away if you know what I mean :D). The Renegade Diet is really easy to follow. I’m a body builder but am still pretty surprised at how complicated diets are. The Renegade Diet was completely theopposite. I think anyone can follow it because it doesn’t take a lot of effort to implement and follow.
I gained half an inch on my arm size in one month while using this diet, which I think is really good for my build. I started out at 180 pounds and worked my way down to 160 over the course of 3 months. The program is great because it does what it claims. You lost weight and gain muscle at the same time. It couldn’t be more perfect.